Natural Environment Valuation Online tool (NEVO)

Dr Amy Binner from the University of Exeter will be working with Defra to produce an easy to use online system for supporting and improving decisions regarding the use of, and investments, in the natural environment.

Our Partners

The development of this new Natural Environment Valuation Online tool – NEVO – will directly support Defra’s future strategy by providing a tool to properly value the environment.

Project Plan

Acting on advice from their Natural Capital Committee, Defra’s new 25 Year Environment Plan will address the urgent need to stem the ongoing decline in the country’s natural capital. It aims to reverse natural capital decline, improve resource resilience and increase economic prosperity and wellbeing.

NEVO will be created by extending existing models developed by the University of Exeter, that recognise the characteristics of the environment, and how alternative uses cause multiple benefits, effects and trade-offs. It will work across multiple land uses such as agriculture, livestock, woodlands and urban areas, and consider hypothetical changes in a wide range of natural capital services (eg food production, water quality and quantity, greenhouse gas storage, recreation, biodiversity). NEVO will be developed and tested using a number of case studies in the South West

Ultimately NEVO will support informed, transparent and efficient environmental decision making for a broad range of sectors, including valuing existing and new land use options, helping prioritise environmental interventions and investments and signposting those options that provide the greatest net benefits and value for money for the taxpayer.


Project Code: 015
Dr Amy Binner
SWEEP Project Principal Investigator
Patrick Collings
Louis Haddrell
Lorena Liuzzo

Lorena is a postdoctoral researcher working on hydrological and water quality modelling at the watershed scale. Her expertise involves rainfall-runoff modelling, trend analysis of weather data, evaluation of the impacts of climate change on water resources. She worked as postdoctoral researcher at the University of Enna Kore (Italy) from 2012 to 2016 and she started working at the University of Exeter in 2017.

Nathan Owen