A Five Capitals Model approach – building a business case for investment in nature for health

There is evidence of a growing disconnect between people and nature, and simultaneously an increase in mental health disorders and physical health problems associated with insufficient exercise. There are opportunities to address these issues by capitalising on the value of nature for human health and wellbeing.

However, there is an urgent need for research not only to evidence these connections, but to help us understand how our natural resources can best be used, improved, and managed to deliver health benefits.

Faced with an ever increasingly competitive funding environment, one of the keys to success will be using current evidence to develop more robust business cases that can attract greater investment into this area.

This resource demonstrates how the Five Capitals Model approach, backed by relevant evidence, can provide a convincing and credible framework for strengthening such business cases, placing natural capital and human health benefits at the centre of interest.

As such, this document has the potential to be a valuable tool for stakeholders delivering nature-based health outcomes across a range of applications from strategic development thinking, resource planning, prioritisation and delivery of projects, monitoring and evaluation activities and outcomes and the development of funding proposals.

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Published: March 2022
Edwards-Jones, A.
Fileman, E.
Abrahams, R.
Wheeler, B.
SWEEP, University of Exeter
Edwards-Jones, A., Fileman, E., Abrahams, R., Wheeler, B. (2022) Building a business case for investment in nature for health – using a Five Capitals Model approach. This SWEEP resource was produced as part of the Investing in Nature for Health project.
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