Adopting a ‘wholescape’ approach to water quality assessments

SWEEP’s Water Quality and Aquaculture team have co-produced a field-leading ‘wholescape’ assessment of water quality in the Exe Estuary catchment with West Country Rivers Trust.

Providing an integrated assessment across the land-sea interface, it represents one of the first attempts to address the linkages between freshwater, estuarine and coastal waters in terms of water quality status, local and up-stream pressures, and the impacts of these pressures.

“The Exe Estuary catchment investigation is one of the first case examples of a ‘wholescape approach’ being implemented in the UK”.
Dr. Ross Brown, SWEEP Impact Fellow.

You can read more about the investigation and a summary of the findings on page 10 of the Exe Press Summer Newsletter 2022.
The Full Report and Appendices are available here:

Exe Catchment Investigation | Report
Exe Catchment Investigation | Appendices

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