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Online event - Zoom


Online event - Zoom


13 Oct 2020


2:00 pm - 3:45 pm



South West Marine Ecosystems – Fisheries Symposium ‘Fisheries impacts on marine habitats’

The symposium will focus on work that has been carried out within four organisations to develop tools and research studies on fisheries impacts on marine habitats. It will focus on how these tools can be used to inform decision making within MPAs, inshore and offshore fisheries. There are four speakers:

Declan Tobin (JNCC): How JNCC have used sensitivity of MPA features and our knowledge of fishing impacts to support fisheries management in the offshore.

Dr Matt Ashley (University of Plymouth): University of Plymouth used MarESA habitat sensitivity assessments for different fishing pressures within different theoretical management scenarios to determine implications of fishing activity on the state of natural capital assets and risk to ecosystem service benefits within the Isles of Scilly district.

Dr Philip Haupt (Kent and Essex IFCA):  Natural England developed a benthic habitat sensitivity model for English Waters based on the MarESA sensitivity assessments of EUNIS habitat maps. The model uses the finest scale EUNIS level habitat information available for inshore and offshore waters and conforms to MarESA protocols of sensitivity assessments to the 36 standardized OSPAR pressures.

 Prof Jan Hiddink (Bangor University): Bangor University have developed the Benthic Impacts Tool which utilises the best available evidence for quantitatively assessing the impact of bottom towed fishing gear on seabed habitats. The Benthic Impacts Tool is developed as a web-based application and allows the user to modify assessment criteria, such as including marine protected area spatial closures.

The symposium is co-hosted by Tom Hooper (Isles of Scilly IFCA) and Martin Attrill (Plymouth University).

No registration required – join on the day via Zoom:

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