The Heligan Wildflower Project: A case study illustrating the potential opportunities and benefits of wildflower seed production

This case study presents Alasdair Moore’s (Head of Gardens and Estate) experience of establishing a stunning 15 acre annual meadow site that provides forage for pollinators, a unique visitor attraction that boosts levels of wellbeing, and proven potential to generate £18,000 worth of seed per year.

Created in 2019 as an annual wildflower meadow of Corn marigold, Corn cockle, Cornflower and Poppy, the Lost Gardens of Heligan Wildflower Project has already generated significant wholesale and retail income for Heligan Estate and, as part of this process, has provided hundreds of kilograms of seed to the National Wildflower Centre at the Eden Project to help with their habitat regeneration projects.

Download the full Case Study.

Case Study
Published: June 2022
Twiston-Davis. G.
Abrahams, R.
SWEEP, University of Exeter
Twiston-Davis, G., Abrahams, R., (2022).
The Heligan Wildflower Project: Potential opportunities and benefits of wildflower seed production in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
This SWEEP resource was produced from the Policy for Pollinators project, part of the South West Environment and Economic Prosperity (SWEEP) programme.
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