Improving access to greenspace: A new review for 2020

Improving access to green space is an update of the earlier 2014 report: it reviews evidence on the health benefits of living in greener communities, the impact on inequalities in health and makes recommendations to help Local Authorities, policymakers and developers provide equitable greenspaces for communities.

The report identifies that:

  • For policy – local green (and blue) space are critical assets for maintaining and supporting health and wellbeing in local communities; priority needs to be given to improving access in areas of deprivation or where there is poor or unequal access, as an important part of the wider plan to reduce health inequalities locally.
  • Local practice – meaningful engagement is needed across local government functions and the community to understand the actual and potential local benefits of greenspace; resilient funding arrangements enable long-term maintenance of greenspace; formal valuation of benefits may be necessary to strengthen the case for the creation, revitalisation and maintenance of greenspace; interventions, such as green social prescribing initiatives, can support people who do not use greenspace to begin using it.
  • Local research – evidence-informed case studies and robust evaluation of local greenspace interventions are needed to help build a broader evidence base.

Improving access to greenspace: A new review for 2020

Published: March 2020
Report for:
Public Health England
Further information:
Public Health England – Local action on health inequalities: Improving access to green spaces 

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