WEBINAR – Lessons from the Dartmoor Naturally Healthy project

Orlando Rutter, Head of Outreach & Understanding at Dartmoor National Park Authority joined the SWEEP Investing in Nature for Health project team to talk about findings from the Dartmoor Naturally Healthy project. The project explored the variety of routes and activities through which people can engage with nature in Dartmoor and improved understanding of barriers and opportunities for three stakeholders groups (medical professionals, people who might benefit from visiting nature and green infrastructure providers).

Dartmoor National Park Authority provides opportunities for people to benefit their health and wellbeing through visiting the natural environment as well as working to promote the economic and social wellbeing of local communities in the National Park.

Recorded: 22 May 2020
Speaker: Orlando Rutter, Head of Outreach & Understanding, Dartmoor National Park Authority
Host: Ben Wheeler, European Centre for Environment and Human Health, University of Exeter Medical School, United Kingdom
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