NCC updates guidance to government on Green Book

The Natural Capital Committee (NCC), the independent committee advises the government on natural capital, such as forests, rivers, minerals and oceans, has published revised guidance on embedding natural capital into public policy appraisal.

The NCC worked with H.M. Treasury from 2016-18 to advise and co-author Green Book guidance regarding the incorporation of natural capital, ecosystem services and the value of associated goods and services into government policy appraisal. Their guidance was incorporated into the most recent edition of the Green Book, published in March 2018.

In March 2020, the NCC first issued a guidance document to support the application of the Green Book principles – in particular,  look ing at how to include natural capital, ecosystem services and the value of these into policy appraisals.

Now updated to reflect research findings from practitioners, a new report has been published which includes recommendations for the bodies responsible for impact appraisal and for the operation of the assessment process and provides supporting evidence and more detail and nuance for the recommendations made in the earlier (March 2020) report.

Read the full report.


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