New Habitat Mapping paper published

The SWEEP Quantitative Habitat Mapping team have published their first academic paper which heralds open access to the tool, habitat maps and data produced for the Dartmoor National Park area as part of their project.

This SWEEP project mapped habitat cover across the whole park extent using a classification system adapted from Level 4 of the national UKHab classification scheme, leading to the development of:

  • The Habitat Classification tool (which classifies habitat types across the entire extent of the National Park area and enables the annual production of habitat classification maps)
  • The Habitat Change Detection tool (which enables the detection of change in these habitats over time).

For more information see our fact sheet and previous SWEEP news story.

Links to both the tool and the habitat maps can be viewed, open access, via Naomi Gatis’ paper:

Gatis, N., et al. “An operational land cover and land cover change toolbox: processing open‐source data with open‐source software.”
Ecological Solutions and Evidence 3.3 (2022)

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