New webinar discusses the Dartmoor National Park Naturally Healthy Project

Dartmoor Tor

The SWEEP Investing in Nature for Health project team is hosting a series of webinars to share policy, practice and research stories from across the South West. For the next in the series, they will welcome Orlando Rutter, Head of Outreach & Understanding at Dartmoor National Park Authority.

The webinar will take place live on Friday 22 May, from 11.30am – 12.30pm (you can register for the event now), and will be recorded and made available on the Investing in Nature for Health Hub shortly afterwards. Live attendees get the benefit of participating in a Q&A session with the speaker and members of the SWEEP team.

Orlando will talk about findings from the Dartmoor Naturally Healthy project which explored the variety of routes and activities through which people can engage with nature in Dartmoor and improved understanding of barriers and opportunities for three stakeholders groups (medical professionals, people who might benefit from visiting nature and green infrastructure providers). Dartmoor National Park Authority provides opportunities for people to benefit their health and wellbeing through visiting the natural environment as well as working to promote the economic and social wellbeing of local communities in the National Park.

Orlando will also look at some of the future drivers for health to prompt discussion in a Q&A session after the talk.

This webinar is particularly relevant for those with an interest in how investment in the environment can impact public health, from health and social care professionals to local planning authorities.

All the webinars in this series are free of charge and open to everyone, and the team welcome newcomers to attend and would encourage anyone to share the invitation to join.

Investing in Nature for Health is just one of a wide portfolio of Impact Projects delivered by the South West Partnership for Environment and Economic Prosperity (SWEEP), all with a focus on protecting, valuing or enhancing the region’s Natural Capital.

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This was an excellent session – thank you very much. I highly recommend it to other colleagues.

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