Whole Catchment Water Management

Building evidence for a regional (whole catchment) based approach for water management (Phase 1)
Led by Prof. Richard Brazier from the University of Exeter’s Geography Department, with Impact Fellows Dr Donna Carless, Dr Michela Faccioli and Mandy Robinson, this project will work with a range of regional stakeholders to develop a unique, comprehensive and integrated catchment scale approach to managing water quality.

Our Partners

The project will include a focused partnership with South West Water (SWW) and the organisations that it works with to deliver its Upstream and Downstream Thinking Programmes (including Westcountry Rivers Trust and the Devon, Cornwall Wildlife Trusts and the Environment Agency).

The Plan

Freshwater quantity and quality are key environmental concerns for the South West, including surface water flooding, water pollution from agricultural and industrial activities, urban runoff and sewage. These issues threaten numerous economic activities that rely either directly or indirectly on the quality of water, including the delivery of clean drinking water, fish and shellfish aquaculture, recreational fishing and the use of the region’s freshwater and coastal waters as tourism destinations.

Whole catchment water management

This project plans to build an integrated, spatially explicit, catchment-based environmental model to drive a programme of interventions that deliver improvements in water quality that, in turn, yield substantial benefits for the South West economy. The unique tool developed in this project will be invaluable to identify areas at present and future risk from a wide range of impacts that degrade natural capital and pose an economic threat to stakeholders and ecosystem and public health. It will equally help to identify business opportunities identifying locations where water resources are most resilient.

Project Code: 009
Professor Richard Brazier
SWEEP Water and Business Lead
Dr Donna Carless
SWEEP Impact Fellow / Co-Investigator
Dr Michela Faccioli
SWEEP Impact Fellow

Michela is a postdoctoral researcher in environmental economics. She joined the team at the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP) at the University of Exeter in January 2018, after working as a postdoctoral researcher in environmental economics at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen. Michela’s research is focused on the economic valuation of the benefits that people obtain from the environment. Working across several SWEEP projects, Michela will use economic valuation to inform the development of natural capital accounts in the South West. She will also investigate ways of improving the design of payment for ecosystem services for farmers such that society gets more benefits from a better managed environment.

Dr Benjamin Jackson
SWEEP Impact Fellow

Benjamin works on the SWEEP 003 (Leak Detection) and 009 (Whole catchment) projects. He is a Physical Geographer, with a background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), environmental modelling and river catchment management. He has worked on projects relating to flooding in river/wastewater networks, low-flow hydrology, and chemical risk assessment.

Dr Mandy Robinson
SWEEP Impact Fellow