Sustainable aquaculture through the One Health lens

This paper, led by the Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture Futures (a joint initiative between Cefas and the University of Exeter), applies a ‘One Health’ approach to the Aquaculture industry. This approach recognises that societal buy-in, equity of access to the food produced, and environmental protection must be adequately addressed as the industry expands over the coming decades.


Aquaculture is predicted to supply the majority of aquatic dietary protein by 2050. For aquaculture to deliver significantly enhanced volumes of food in a sustainable manner, appropriate account needs to be taken of its impacts on environmental integrity, farmed organism health and welfare, and human health. Here, we explore increased aquaculture production through the One Health lens and define a set of success metrics — underpinned by evidence, policy and legislation — that must be embedded into aquaculture sustainability. We provide a framework for defining, monitoring and averting potential negative impacts of enhanced production — and consider interactions with land-based food systems. These metrics will inform national and international science and policy strategies to support improved aquatic food system design.

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Published: 3 August 2020
G. D. Stentiford,
I. J. Bateman,
S. J. Hinchliffe,
D. Bass,
R. Hartnell,
E. M. Santos,
M. J. Devlin,
S. W. Feist,
N. G. H. Taylor,
D. W. Verner-Jeffreys,
R. van Aerle,
E. J. Peeler,
W. A. Higman,
L. Smith,
R. Baines,
D. C. Behringer,
I. Katsiadaki,
H. E. Froehlich
C. R. Tyler
Published in:
Nature Food volume 1, page s468–474(2020)
Suggested reference: Stentiford, G.D., Bateman, I.J., Hinchliffe, S., Bass, D., Hartnell, R., Santos, E., Devlin, M., Feist, S.W., Taylor, N., Verner-Jeffreys, D., van Aerle, R., Peeler, E.J., Higman, W., Smith, L., Baines, R., Behringer, D., Katsiadaki, I., Froehlich, H.E., Tyler, C.R. (2020) Sustainable aquaculture through the One Health lens, Nature Food,

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