Understanding environmental investment for health in the South West – a resource exploring dynamic mapping case studies


Looking at three case study programmes in South West England, this resource introduces a causal loop diagram approach for mapping key stakeholder groups involved in nature based health outcome programmes. The dynamic maps visually connect the groups enabling a better understanding of their relationships and the funding streams that sustain them.

There are many challenges to delivering and sustaining such programmes. One of which is the need for cross-sectoral working, often requiring effective collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders from environmental management to public health. Programme structures can quickly become complex and confusing, with disconnect arising between different funding streams, delivery partners and beneficiary groups.

In order to meet the challenge of coordinating and balancing the priorities of these different interest groups, and to inform more streamlined cross-sectoral investments that increase health outcomes, there first needs to be a better understanding of current project structures, funding streams and stakeholder engagement. This resource addresses this need

Who is the resource for?

This will be of interest to any organisation who invests in, or is interested in investing in, the environment for health, as well as those that deliver nature-based health outcome projects. These might include local authorities, local government partnerships, charities, trusts, environmental managers, public health, and businesses.

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Published: November 2021
Hind, K
de Bell, S.
Lovell, R.
Abrahams, R.
Wheeler, B.W
SWEEP, University of Exeter
Hind, K., de Bell, S., Lovell, R., Abrahams, R., Wheeler, B.W. (2021) Understanding environmental investment for health in the South West – exploring dynamic mapping case studies. SWEEP resource, produced as part of the Investing in Nature for Health project.
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