Upstream Thinking Portal

Recording activities and measures delivered to track progress towards upstream thinking targets

The Upstream Thinking Programme (UST) is an award-winning catchment management scheme launched in 2010 by South West Water. The programme, which applies natural landscape-scale solutions to improve water quality and supply, is funded by South West Water and delivered in collaboration with regional environmental and conservation charities (Cornwall and Devon Wildlife Trusts, the Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group SouthWest, Natural England and Westcountry Rivers Trust).

Through their ongoing work with UST Delivery Partners and South West Water, the SWEEP Whole Catchment Water Management project team have developed a new online recording portal to log activities and measures delivered and to track progress towards targets.

The portal has been created very much in collaboration with partners, and development will continue beyond May 2022 with support from the Centre for Resilience in Environment, Water and Waste (CREWW) at the University of Exeter.

Aim of the Portal

The overall aim of the portal is to record engagement activities and interventions undertaken as part of Upstream Thinking phase 3 (UST3). Broadly speaking, the portal captures what has happened and where. Data is input by the UST3 Delivery Partners/designated users.

Portal platform

The UST Portal has been developed in ArcGIS Online. GIS means Geographic Information System. GIS is a framework for gathering, storing and analysing spatial (geographic) data. This means that the data contains locational information and can be visualised in maps. GIS data is stored in layers that incorporate geographical features and tabular information (Attribute tables, which are similar to a table in an Excel spreadsheet). The portal captures and stores information in GIS layers.

Users are able to input, view, edit and extract data using the platform built-in ArcGIS Online.

Each delivery partner has their own version of the portal, ensuring that they can only see their own data.

Please note: the portal is only accessible to South West Water and the UST Delivery Partners.

UST Portal Manual

An Instruction Manual has been written for the UST Delivery Partners to explain how to use the Upstream Thinking Portal for recording interventions and activities delivered via the Upstream Thinking Programme.

Download the Upstream Thinking Portal Instruction Manual