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Policy chiefs learn about guidance
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Walking at Hemsworthy Gate
A growing population and what this means
for the future of recreation on Dartmoor

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North Devon Saltmarsh
Demonstrating the benefits
of undervalued saltmarsh

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The South West Partnership for Environmental and Economic Prosperity (SWEEP) is a collaborative initiative that will help deliver economic and community benefits to the South West, whilst also protecting and enhancing the area’s natural resources.

Where are we working?

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Impact, Projects & Partners

Wave Forecasting
North Devon Marine Pioneer
Leak Detection
Dartmoor & Exmoor Natural Capital
25 Year Plan & North Devon Biosphere
Sustainable Drainage
Managing Green Space
Whole Catchment Water Management
Mainstreaming Environmental Growth (MEG)
South West Marine Planning
Natural Environment Valuation Online tool (NEVO)
One Coast
Coastal Change Management Areas
Delivering Natural Capital Assessment Tools for the Marine Economy in the South West
A Natural Capital Plan for the Marine Pioneer
SCILL-E (Site Classification to Inform Sustainable Lives and Livelihoods for Fisheries and Ecosystems)
Applying a Natural Capital Approach to Sustainability Appraisal
Key Performance Indicators for Marine Environmental Growth
Sustainable Seafood
Sustainable Recreation Futures
Water Quality and Aquaculture
Informing Environmental Investment for Health and Wellbeing
Policy for Pollinators
Quantitative Habitat Mapping