Under SWEEP, a variety of different tools were co-created, designed to meet the needs of our partners to enable them to incorporate the natural environment in their decision making.

Other Tools

Saltmarsh Realignment Model

Use of natural capital approaches to assess the nature and value of the ecosystem services generated by habitat change as well as funding options for estuary re-alignment.


Modelling software used in SWEEP (but developed outside of SWEEP) to help target grassland management that benefits pollinators.


The Outdoor Recreation Valuation tool (ORVal) is a web application used in SWEEP, developed outside of SWEEP by the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy (LEEP) Institute at the University of Exeter with funding support provided by DEFRA.

The primary purpose is to provide information that might be useful to government, businesses and communities in understanding the benefits that are derived from accessible greenspace in England, for example, as part of strategic or project appraisal, policy evaluation or natural capital accounting