Sustainable Drainage System strategic screening and opportunity mapping tools

SuDS Strategic Screening Tool  and SuDS Opportunity Mapping Tool.

SuDS Strategic Screening Tool  – this tool maps surface water (overland exceedance) flow paths and catchments for South West England, promoting an early-stage, ‘whole catchment’ approach to surface water management, in contrast to conventional ad-hoc, site-specific approaches.

Further information on the SuDS Strategic Screening Tool, with a Case Study application at Dartington Estate, Devon:

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SuDS Opportunity Mapping Tool – this tool indicates high-level opportunities for SuDS application in Devon by incorporating a range of environmental (land uses, slopes, water environment, hazards), human (socio-demographics, buildings) and engineering (SuDS suitability) factors.

Further information on the on the SuDS Opportunity Mapping Tool, helping spatial planners in Devon – to understand; (a) where SuDS are needed, and (b) where they can be placed:

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